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Right now SEO or search engine optimization is as popular as a lottery winner down at their local pub. Everyone loves successful search engine optimization, because you can get lots of traffic and it's "free"! The problem is, that no one really knows how Google decides where to rank your site and when it will show up.

Why do we keep talking about Google? because it is the most used search engine and we want our service to help you the most.

Another problem is that SEO is not really free... you have to put in work, whether yourself or by paying someone else. However the good news is that SEO is more effective.

The Effect of SEO

When users of search engines search for a subject, they will see two types of results. In Google, one type of result is shown at the very top and on the right hand side of the page, because advertisers have paid to place their advertisements in those positions.

Other results follow below i.e. not the paid for advertisements but naturally occurring listings of websites with information related to the search term. The listing of websites is determined by the search engine algorithm. These results are often termed organic.

Search engine users overwhelmingly click on organic results on Google and Bing by a margin of 94 percent to 6 percent. That's according to research from from Group M UK and Nielsen, published on 23rd August, 2012 by eConsultancy (based on a sample of 1.4 billion searches conducted by 28 million UK citizens in June 2011).

The conclusion is that SEO improves rankings to attract more visitors at lower cost.

Any expert that tells you that they know exactly how Google's ranking works and/or guarantees that you'll get into the top spots (for a fee, of course), is being less than truthful. Even so, there are proven techniques that you can employ to get your site into the top of the listings. We believe in being very transparent about what we're doing and why we're doing it, so we'll show you exactly what we're doing, and why it helps to skyrocket you right to the top!

Getting a site onto the first page of Google will depend on many different factors, relating not just to your site but also other sites ranking more highly in your marketplace. We will initially review many specific criteria prior to making recommmendations and preparing an action plan.