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HTML 5 – Not Just Geeky, But Useful.


The World of many different devices that we use to gather information and communicate with one another, really is coming together. With the advent of html 5 different devices running on different platforms with different screens will be able to show web pages…. that look the same from wherever you are.

This could well spell the end for the mobile web design market. In the past sites viewed from mobile devices often did not display all the elements of a web page. This was particularly problematic in the area of video with Apple refusing to display animated pages written in a language called Flash. This is a shame as Flash allowed designers to create some really beautiful and innovative moving images.

When HTML 5 is fully implemented across all platforms and browsers not only will it be much easier to display video but because you will not need additional software (sometimes called plugins) to view the videos, there will be less risk from viruses. Often viruses would be distributed through videos and this will be another way of stopping their insinuous spread.