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Direct Marketing In A Digital World

For businesses, getting in touch with people to tell them about your goods and services has to happen. With new technologies available you can do this more often, more quickly and in a more personal way than ever before.

Many of the most successful digital marketers have a background in direct marketing, the "old" method of using direct mail to send an indivually personalised letter that makes a relevant offer.

Today, technology allows us to communicate directly with individuals by email, text and social media. Each medium has unique characteristics with right and wrong ways of doing things.

Before you begin...

There are a few things to think about in terms of the way that you relate to your customers and prospects and the information that you need. Asking people for lots of details might put them off, so it's best to choose carefully what you want to know.

With permission based marketing, people provide either an email address or a mobile phone number often in exchange for a free gift. You then contact them with news and offers from your company.

How does it work?

Depending on the medium, you set up a system to gather names and either email addresses or mobile numbers and then use it to keep in touch by sending out either emails or texts.

With social media, you post news on a social media platform like Facebook and Twitter and users respond back to you. All of these methods need time to build up a user base but also to service userss with new and interesting information.

For service based busineses, staying in regular contact with your customers helps to schedule time and resources, fill potential gaps by using special offers or coupons, and develop the business by launching additional related services.

?In order to get the greatest return on these types of activities, it is important to take a long term view. They may not be the right approach for your business at present so you might like to consider the questions below prior to a free consulatation with us:

  • Does your business make repeat sales to the same customers?
  • Do you collect email addresses
  • Do you collect mobile phone numbers?
  • Do you make regular offers to customers?
  • Do you use personal information (like Birthdays) to make offers to customers?
  • Are planning to expand your business by offering additional services in the future?